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Rug Hooking Sit-On Frame - Full 11"x14" (inside hooking area)

Swivel & Tilt Rug Hooking Frame on Sit-on Base.
NEW! Comfort Rug Hooking Sit-On Swivel/Tilt Frame – Full-Size 11”x 14” (inside work area) 
            Built with quality and comfort in mind, our wonderful full-size “Sit-On” model affords you ‘hands free’ versatility and portability for your rug hooking enjoyment. 
Great frame – Great Price!  
«     Sit in your favorite chair, straddle the “sit on” panel, get comfortable & you’re good to go!
«     The “steering wheel” style ball & socket joint feature permits you to rotate your work surface 360˚ in either direction!
«     The work frame tilts at any angle, too! And, tilt it back to see underneath to check your work!
«     Ergonomic design & easy-turn knobs allow you to adjust the settings for your maximum comfort so you can relax your neck, shoulders and arms while you hook. Variable positioning minimizes hand & wrist strain.
«     Ability to adjust the work surface to your selected height, near/far positions, rotation & angle needs contribute to your comfort as well as consistent loop formation.
«     Strong & stable! Built for reliable service.
«     Premium quality steel carding strips with long, densely positioned tines hold your rug foundation tight and square without slipping while you hook…yet your work easily lifts off and on for re-positioning!
«     Enjoy a generous 14”x 11”(inside area) work surface.
  • And did I mention that the finest carding strips available are used on all of our frames to hold your rug background straight and tight?!!!  The tines are long and densely populated, making it grip any foundation securely until you choose to move it!  No more sagging background! No more frequent re-tightening!
«     Transport your new Comfort Sit-on Frame as is, or disassemble it quickly & easily for compact transport and storage.
«     The Comfort Sit-On Frame…Who deserves it more than you?!!!
Double click on the full-size image to see enlarged view of the Sit-On Frame.
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Complete Sit On Frame
Complete 11"x14" Rug Hooking Frame Top with Sit-on Base. Note: All of our Comfort frame tops and bases are interchangeable. This Sit-on base, for example, can be swapped with the metal floor frame or, if you're a quilter, too, the top rug hooking frame can be switched with one of our quilting hoops.
SKU: RSO-205-2
Availability: In stock
Rug Hooking Sit-on Frame - Top Only (no base)
Rug Hooking Frame top only (11"x14" inside hooking area). The frame top is interchangeable with all bases. It can be used with a metal floor base, laptop base or sit-on base...sold separately or in complete sets.
SKU: RSO-205-1
Availability: In stock
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