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Brass Stiletto (Sewing Awl)

Brass Awl. Multi-purpose sewing tool. See more...


      The quintissential sewing tool! Be certain to add this beautiful sewing stiletto to your box of essential notions. It's so very necessary for accurate hand or machine work...applique or piecing.

       The multi-purpose awl is a wonder tool... a must-have for every appliquer and machine piecer. A sewing awl offers a way to keep fingertips away from a hot iron when working to make small appliques. It serves as a gathering tool for easing in excess fabric around curved applique edges. It is used to separate the fabric of the applique from its paper template. It helps to guide small pieces through the sewing machine. It helps out as a third hand in many situations. The list goes on and on...  as seen in Simply Successful Applique!

      Finely made & value priced.   4" total length.  Perfect to hang from one of our 30" sterling chains for easy accessibility.

      Slip the cap off to use the pointed awl; slide the cap back on to cover the point for safety. 

The Brass Sewing Awl...Who deserves it more than you?!!!

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Brass Stiletto (Sewing Awl)
The quintessential sewing tool for precise applique and accurate pieced quilting. Used for Simply Successful Applique!
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